Monday, 11 December 2006


A chap went to see his doctor after some tests. The doctor saw him and asked him, " I have good news and bad news for you. Which one you like to hear first ?" The chap replied, " I want to hear the good news first." The doctor then told him," You have very serious kidney cancer and you only have 3 weeks to live !"
The guy thought, " My God ! What kind of good news is this ?"
He asked the doctor," Then what is the bad news then?"
The doctor said very apologetically," I was supposed to tell you 2weeks ago but could not find your contact number !"


Victor said...

That is depressing news. Are you sure that this joke is supposed to make life easier for me?

ahlee said...

Haha.A joke a day keeps the doctor away. you can keep this doctor away.

Victor said...

Ahlee, are you really a retired doctor? Don't joke with me on this one, okay? I would like to seek your opinion for my torn ligament in my left ankle.