Monday, 4 December 2006

Good Morning Yesterday: Selfish and Inconsiderate Lovers

Good Morning Yesterday: Selfish and Inconsiderate Lovers Yah I came across many times Library book pages were cut out, particularly on cooking books which make me furious. Why cant the stupid fellow just photostat what he wants ? Not fair to ask last borrower.You create unhappiness with innoncent people.I do report to counter staff on missing pages.Then they may put the book away from the shelf.You lose one good book to read then.


Victor said...

Ahlee, congrats on writing your 2nd post. That's the way man.

Incidentally, you have used the whole title as well as the whole essay as an HTML link to Chun See's post (intentionally?). I must say it is a refreshing way of doing it. Usually people use only one or a few words to do it. For example, Chun See's post on torn pages from library books is here.

Lam Chun See said...

Sometimes I worry that I get 'sarboed'; i.e. I borrow a book without checking carefully for torn pages. When I return, I will be under suspicion. So this inconsiderate fellows not only deprive the next user of his enjoyment but may even sarbo him.

Victor said...

Ahlee, I hope you don't mind me saying this - as far as possible, you should try to engage your blog readers when they leave comments on your blog, i.e. write some counter comments so that at least they know you have read their comments. Quite easily done.

ahlee said...

Thank you Victor,I read all comments and actually did write something. I press a button and I dont know where my writing go to ? Ha ha ! It does not appear anywhere ! I am slow in typing u know ,one finger type ! I cant find my own blogsite sometimes, and now I end up with 3 different blog names now.It is easier to create than finding it.,like my reading glasses.I must have more than 10 pairs at home.cost me $2 each.This afternoon I type something and post it to " nasidagan-ahlee" site now I also cant find it.3rd one is " kbnasidagang". I may end up with a lot of nasidagan that I cant even stomach it myself.Ha ha!

ahlee said...

Victor, actually I want to make a comment only.But somehow it ends up as a link . I dont know how to change it.So just press button loh ! Still in the dark!

Victor said...

No problem Ahlee. Wah you are even more prolific than I am - you got 3 blogsites while I only got one, haha.

One way to remember your blogsite or any website is to put it into the "Favorites" folder of your browser, as follows:

1. First, go to the blogsite/website by manually typing the address into the address bar on top of the Internet Explorer (also called "IE" or "browser").

2. Then click on the word "Favorites" on the top of your browser.

3. A drop down menu appears and you just click on "Add to Favorites..."

4. If you like to put your link in a new folder which you can name yourself, clicking the "New Folder..." button. A box then appears for you to type in your folder name. After you do that, you can place the blogsite/website address into the new folder.

5. Click OK (do this twice if necessary) and you are done.

(If you skip Step 4 above, your link will not appear inside a folder.)

Then, the next time you want to access your blogsite, you just click on "Favorites" and you can find your blogsite there.

You can put in as many blogsites/websites in the "Favorites" folder as you want.

(I hope that you are still with me.)


Lam Chun See said...

When I have a long comment this is what I do. I open up the Wordpad and type it there first then copy and paste onto the comments section. Or I type the comment and if it is very long, and I worry that it will disappear, I copy and paste in the Wordpad. If I want to make changes to the comment after it already appeared, I can delete it and use what I saved on the Wordpad.

You know how to delete comment don't you? Just click on the trash can icon.

My method probably a bit inefficient, but works so far. So unless somebody teaches me a better method ...