Sunday, 26 November 2006

Nasidagan is a special type of brown rice cooked with coconut cream.
You have to soak the rice in water overnight then place the rice on top of a piece of cloth over hot water to steam it. You have to keep on adding coconut cream every five to ten minutes on the rice and stir it until the rice is takes about thirty to forty minutes to cook it. The rice is only available in Kelantan Malaysia. I have not come across it in any other states in Malaysia and just wonder why?
I left Kelantan 50 years ago and came to Singapore as a student and have been staying in Singapore ever since. I never miss to eat nasi dagan whenever I visit Kelantan. It is usually eaten with lemak curry chicken and curry tuna. A few years ago I notice they start selling nasi dagan at some food stalls in some KL shopping centres . The stalls are invariably named Kelantan food stall, but the curry is not as good as what I have eaten in Kelantan. May be it is not cooked by Kelantanese.


Lam Chun See said...

Hi Ah Lee. Welcome to the blogosphere. And thanks for sharing your memories of Serangoon Garden and Lorong Chuan at my blog. I had forgotten about the pasar malams until now. Look forward to reading more of your stories.

pinto said...

Hi Ah Lee! Great to know that Chun See's talk has inspired another blog!

Keep on blogging... oh, besides heritage and nostalgia, food is a surefire way to gain readership too. =)


RamblingLibrarian said...

Hello Sir, Chun See informed me that you created a blog after the talk at QUCL. Congrats, and as they say from one blogger to another, "welcome to the Blogosphere". I look forward to reading more posts from you.

Victor said...

Welcome Ah Lee, I was there at the talk too - the guy in a photo whom Chun See pointed out was 50-year old, remember? I was in red round-neck T-shirt and bermudas, zipping around snapping some photos for my blog post. Looking forward to read more of your interesting posts.

simplyetel said...

hihi!! i popped by via uncle victor's blog, looking forward to more of your entries soon! :)

eastcoastlife said...

Hi Ahlee,
Welcome to the blogosphere!

ahlee said...

Thanks everybody for your 'welcome'. I m still blur in blog . Hope not too old to learn new trick. Ivan , pl dont call me Sir.It was many yrs ago people called me Sir in school. I must thank you for teaching me how to create blog acc.Eastcoastlife, you are a great mother ! I wrote something to u but I dont know where it ends up now ? will try to retrieve it.

Gary said...

Is there any stalls or shops that sells Kelantanese cuisine?

Diyana Who said...

Hello Ah Lee

I was just wondering whether you were talking about nasi dagang :D

Just to share with you, dagang means trade in Malay (you might already know this though).