Thursday, 7 December 2006


One guy did not feel well. He went to a doctor . The doctor took a look at him and told him,
" You dont look very well, I better have a good check on you."
After a thorough check up, the doctor came out with a very serious look on his face and said,
"I am very sorry to tell you.I am afraid you dont have very long to live. You only have 10...10..."
The guy got panic and exclaimed,"My God ! What do you mean ? 10... 10..what? Dont tell me
I only have 10 months to live, or... you mean 10 weeks ?......."
The doctor looked at him with a stern face and started counting, "10...9...8...7......."


Victor said...

Haha, good one. What's the moral of this one then? That you must maintain a sense of humour even in the face of adversity?

Cool Insider said...

Nice blog here and great to know that you were inspired by Chun See. We at are trying to get more seniors to blog about their experiences and stories from the past. There are so many gems that we should unearth!

ahlee said...

No,no moral of the story for this one . Just a joke . I am afraid I may not have much old story like Chun See to tell people.My memory not as good . But I like to crack jokes some times just to make life a bit easier.

ahlee said... insider,nice knowing you. I am no gems only rusty iron.