Monday 11 December 2006

Taking Up The Challenge: A Walk After The Talk

Taking Up The Challenge: A Walk After The Talk
Wow ! very nice posting and interesting content with pictures some more .Hope one day I will be able to do the same. BTW, you mentioned you detoured into back lane n discovered those sex shops alone. What if r with d family, how would u explain d fact of life to ur children ? will u be honest to them ,tell them d truth or u would cook up some story to tell them. Actually I don't know how old ur children are ? It all depends ,right ? (Gosh! I suddenly remember 2 jokes about teaching sex to children! But they r too x-rated to blog.) Very nice to read ur articles!


A chap went to see his doctor after some tests. The doctor saw him and asked him, " I have good news and bad news for you. Which one you like to hear first ?" The chap replied, " I want to hear the good news first." The doctor then told him," You have very serious kidney cancer and you only have 3 weeks to live !"
The guy thought, " My God ! What kind of good news is this ?"
He asked the doctor," Then what is the bad news then?"
The doctor said very apologetically," I was supposed to tell you 2weeks ago but could not find your contact number !"

Thursday 7 December 2006


One guy did not feel well. He went to a doctor . The doctor took a look at him and told him,
" You dont look very well, I better have a good check on you."
After a thorough check up, the doctor came out with a very serious look on his face and said,
"I am very sorry to tell you.I am afraid you dont have very long to live. You only have 10...10..."
The guy got panic and exclaimed,"My God ! What do you mean ? 10... 10..what? Dont tell me
I only have 10 months to live, or... you mean 10 weeks ?......."
The doctor looked at him with a stern face and started counting, "10...9...8...7......."


A very simple dish, very easy to prepare and liked by everybody !

Ingredients :-
1. one chicken, cut into bite sizes
2. ginger ............. 10 g.
3. garlic ............. 25 g.
4. big onion ..........15 g.
5. small onion ......10 g.
6. sesame oil ........10 cc.

Seasoning :-
1. one can cocacola........250 cc.
2. oyster sauce..............30 cc
3. dark soysauce..........25 cc
4. light soysauce...........30 cc
5. pepper powder.........a little
6. five spice powder.....a little

Method :-
1. mix all seasoning in a big bowl , put in chicken , soak for half an hr. or longer
2. heat up sesame oil , fry shredded ginger , add chopped onions , garlic .
3. add chicken , fry for a while then pour in all seasoning sauce ; when boiled turn to
low heat and let simmered till gravy thickened.
. 4. ready to serve .

Tips :-
1. the longer chicken is seasoned the better it tastes.
2. add a bit of sugar or salt to taste before serving.

Wednesday 6 December 2006


John was engaged to Jones and about to get married in a few months time. But one thing kept bothering him. He noticed that Jones' younger sister Lina , a 20 year old lass , had deliberately tried to flirt with him. She would wear tight mini skirt and low cut blouses and purposedly bent down before him.
One day, the little sister called John and asked him to come over the house to check the wedding invitations. When John arrived he noticed that Lina was alone at home.
She whispered to John that she had passionate feeling and desire for him. She told John that she wanted to make love with him just once before he got married and commited his life to the sister.
John was shocked and could not said a word.
She said " I am going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want to go ahead with it just come upstairs and get me."
John was stunned. He was frozen in shock as he watched her go up the stairs. When she reached the top she pulled down her panties and threw them down the stairs.
John stood there for a moment. Then he turned and went straight to the front door.
He opened the door and walked straight towards his car.
Suddenly he saw his future father-in-law at the end of the drive way.
With tears in his eyes, he hugged John and said." We are happy that you have passed our little test. We are proud of you ! Welcome to the family. "


Sunday 26 November 2006

Nasidagan is a special type of brown rice cooked with coconut cream.
You have to soak the rice in water overnight then place the rice on top of a piece of cloth over hot water to steam it. You have to keep on adding coconut cream every five to ten minutes on the rice and stir it until the rice is takes about thirty to forty minutes to cook it. The rice is only available in Kelantan Malaysia. I have not come across it in any other states in Malaysia and just wonder why?
I left Kelantan 50 years ago and came to Singapore as a student and have been staying in Singapore ever since. I never miss to eat nasi dagan whenever I visit Kelantan. It is usually eaten with lemak curry chicken and curry tuna. A few years ago I notice they start selling nasi dagan at some food stalls in some KL shopping centres . The stalls are invariably named Kelantan food stall, but the curry is not as good as what I have eaten in Kelantan. May be it is not cooked by Kelantanese.